What We've Heard

In November and December 2017, we collected your feedback on:

  • Expanded service options
  • Changes to bus routes

We heard from many people, including those who ride the bus and those who don’t, about these changes. Based on the feedback we received, we made some adjustments.

Expanding service so popular buses run more often and for longer on weekdays and Saturday

We originally proposed three options for how we could expand service:

  • Option 1 – Have popular buses run more often and for longer on weekdays and Saturday
  • Option 2 – Add Sunday bus service at the same level as current Saturday bus service
  • Option 3 – Add limited Sunday bus service and make some limited improvements to weekday and Saturday service for key local bus routes

Based on your input, we’re moving forward with a hybrid of Option 1 and 3, which will:

  • Add more frequent service on weekdays and Saturdays
  • Extend hours of service on weekdays and Saturdays

If you look at specific routes on our interactive map on the Proposed Bus Routes station, you’ll see route schedules reflecting improved frequency of bus service and longer service on weekdays and Saturdays. At this time, we do not plan on pursuing Sunday service; however, it will remain an important future priority as additional funding becomes available

Changes to bus routes

During our previous outreach, we shared possible changes to bus routes in order to:

  • Create faster, more direct routes that serve more riders
  • Provide more efficient services by reducing the use of loops
  • Improve consistency of service start times, end times, and frequency
  • Provide more punctual, convenient service by addressing routes with timing issues

We heard a variety of ideas and throughts on the bus routes changes we shared. Click on the region below to read through some of the input we received.

Using your feedback to develop an updated proposal for bus routes

We heard your feedback about changes to bus routes and have worked to address concerns and make tweaks to what we originally presented last year. Head to our Proposed Bus Routes station to see what’s changed based on your feedback.