Kitsap Transit Tomorrow

Our region is growing. In 2016, Kitsap Transit published a Long Range Transit Plan (2016-2036) to help us anticipate new developments and needs in the next 20 years.

Changes to our community

By 2036, the population of Kitsap County is expected to increase by more than 80,000, including 18,000 more residents in Bremerton alone. These shifts will affect not only where we live, but also the way we travel from our homes to our friends, city centers, places of employment, shopping areas and social and community services.

New demand

In addition to projecting growth in our urban centers, we have identified six transportation corridors that may see increased demand in the future:

  • SR 160 from the Southworth Ferry to SR 16
  • SR 16 from SR 160 to SR 3
  • SR 3 from Belfair to Silverdale
  • SR 307 Poulsbo to SR 104
  • NE West Kingston Rd to the Kingston Ferry

Future goals

To continue providing quality services, Kitsap Transit aims to meet the following goals:

  • Implement frequent transit service along designated corridors to attract new customers
  • Become a leader in developing transitā€oriented design along designated corridors to improve transit access
  • Sustain financial capacity to maintain and improve services and facilities
  • Provide safe, reliable and efficient transportation choices that enhance the quality of life in Kitsap County
  • Offer robust, reliable and sustainable foot ferry services

This comprehensive route analysis will further inform the goals identified in the Long Range Plan. To learn more about potential changes to the Kitsap Transit system, check out the next tab.