Expanded Service Options

Kitsap Transit is considering expanding bus service in addition to bus route changes described on the previous pages.

In May, we shared a wide variety of bus improvements we could consider and discussed benefits and costs of each. Based on what we heard, we have developed three options for improving bus service which fit within our budget:

  • Option 1 – Have popular buses run more often and for longer on weekdays and Saturday
  • Option 2 – Add Sunday bus service at the same level as current Saturday bus service
  • Option 3 – Add limited Sunday bus service and make some limited improvements to weekday and Saturday service for key local bus routes

These options are designed to fit within our budget for expanding service and represent possible combinations of improvements to maximize these funds. The improvements we ultimately implement may match one of these options, or reflect elements from each. Read on to learn more about these three options and tell us what you think.

The tradeoff between benefits and costs

Each of these options offer different benefits and costs. For example, if we increased the frequency of weekday service on our existing 38 bus routes, this could have a great positive effect for our riders and create benefits to keep buses on-time. However, it would also incur a high cost due to investment in additional buses and drivers.

When we consider these tradeoffs, we compare the cost of each potential change to four different community benefits:

  • Ridership: Increasing ridership means that more people take the bus for more trips
  • Speed and reliability: Fast and predictable buses
  • Access: More people have access to bus service
  • Passenger experience: Riding the bus is not just about getting from one destination to the other. A complete transit system focuses on the passenger to ensure people feel safe and comfortable

A Kitsap Transit bus