Kitsap Transit is taking a fresh look at our bus routes and service to ensure we provide safe, reliable and efficient transportation choices to meet emerging community needs. Our population is growing, and it is essential that we look forward together and consider how growth will transform our community, including Kitsap Transit service.

Understanding current service, meeting changing needs

Last spring, Kitsap Transit began a comprehensive analysis of our current bus service that incorporated:

  • Community input gathered at in-person workshops and an online open house and survey
  • Data on current ridership patterns
  • Projected population growth in Kitsap County

The purpose of the analysis was to understand how our busses currently connect riders to neighborhoods, city centers, social and community services, and ferries.

Based on that understanding, we are recommending changes to existing bus routes. You can learn more about the these changes and give input at the Proposed Bus Routes station.

Process and timing

Based on the feedback we recieved during our last round of outreach, we anticipate working with the Kitsap Transit Board to adopt final improvements later this year.

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